In a few words,

Few things you need to know about powder cure ovens

Build my own or buy professional?

Let me begin by saying that there is a serious threat of fires, explosions, personal harm and/or death with an unsafe oven installation. It is imperative that installers, operators, maintenance personnel and managers recognize these threats and act accordingly. 

Sure, for a hobby powder coater go ahead and buy an old oven for your parts. 

You could even build your own oven:

1. use low-watt density Incoloy (or similar) sheathed heaters – remember to follow UL guidelines and ensure your heater loads are broken into circuits no higher than 48 amps each

2. use 16 gauge aluminized steel for the interior shell (aluminized is important for reflectance). 

3. Insulate your oven with 3-5 inches of 6 # mineral wool and top off the outer frame with heavy duty structural steel.  

You can purchase prefab oven panels from Rapid Industrial Finishing 1-800-536-3461, they are online at Make sure you take into account NFPA 86, which requires that all fuel-fired and/or class A process ovens are equipped to provide adequate explosion relief (1ft sq/15 ft cubed oven volume). 

 If you need to save money and still get quality parts you need to build a quality oven or purchase a good used oven. By building an oven using the suggestions on the prior pages and incorporating a professional burner box you will have a much better system than one using electrical elements to heat the oven. However, even these ovens can have air issues unless you have first hand knowledge of the baffle design and air flow requirements of your particular oven configuration. Contact JohnsonGas at 800-553-5422 or Lanemark for quality prebuilt burner boxes.