In a few words,

Few things you need to know about powder

Part Selection, or, what can I get powder coated?

- Valve covers, brake calipers, radiators, brackets or the entire frame of the car.

Any part, which can withstand the cure (bake) temperature (~350F) of the powder can be powder coated. 

This means watch out for parts with:

Electronic components, Bearings you cannot replace, Heat sensitive parts such as most plastics, Parts with internal workings you cannot remove, ie. alternator.

Part Preparation involves:

Removing all items from the part to be powder coated such as: Gaskets, Bearings, BracketsStrip the old paint from the part: Bead/sand blast, sanding paper or use ChemicalsCompletely clean the part using an industrial solvent (Methyl Ethyl Ketone - MEK, or a vapor degreaser, MEK is available at most paint stores)* Note: Handling after this must be minimized.  Do not touch the part with your bare hands as the oils from your hands can cause defects in the finish.  We encourage the use of cotton gloves.


Successfully powder coating your parts depends on:

1. Part Selection

2. Part Preparation

3. Part Pretreatment

4. Proper Powder Selection

5. Proper Application and Cure